[re:jazz] – La Mouche Lumière (The Society Remix)

Best re:discovery right before Easter’s day.

Brandt Brauer Frick – You Make Me Real


Zoë Keating – Exurgency

debris from past

Gustavo – Ak tu dieniņ! (Aktu dieniņa)

Latvian hip-hop stunt man Gustavo can’t leave anyone indifferent. This masterpiece (from Lat–>–Eng sounds very much like “Oh my days”) in meantime between past and future is my all time fave along with “Esi brīvs” (“Be free”). Maybe this [sql string] is too short for ways to put down the very words for genius of this kind.

Nils Frahm & Anne Müller – Journey For A Traveller


ASA-CHANG & 巡礼 – 影の無いヒト (Kage no Nai Hito)

Reflections from past & future. People with no shadow.

…can’t understand a word though.